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UX/CX: Your “Culture” and the End-to-End Customer Experience

The “culture” of an enterprise is both crucial and intangible. We know it is there, we sense it, we may actively foster it, but to point to it? We are reduced to examples: individuals, behaviors, symbols. Like any culture, one attuned to valuing the customer experience (CX, for short) is the quintessential “intangible asset”.

Is that culture about marketing? About a website that cries, “welcome”, and follows through with ease of navigation and a focus on known (at least, supposed) customer priorities–and genuinely inviting further contact? Sure, it is. And, at Jaroop, we refer to that online/digital customer experience as “user experience” (UX, of course!). Also, prioritize it in fashioning any digital strategy to address your firm’s challenges.

The art and science of moving an understanding of UX from the intuitive level, from a combination of guesswork and extrapolation of personal experiences, to broadly data-based and analytical is an indispensable early step in most of our projects. Nevertheless, CX is the wider term and a customer’s experience with a product or service—a brand—is wider than digital, as central as the digital aspect is.

The “Ultimate” User Experience Paradigm?

A favorite example, of course, is Apple: “The Apple Store is, of course, an offline destination, but that doesn’t mean that the user experience of the store hasn’t been designed down to the last detail. The store is just one part of Apple’s wider engagement strategy, driving awareness of the business.”

At Jaroop, we always have known it. Now, it has become more common to insist on the “holistic” or “end-to-end” or comprehensive customer experience with a brand. And that brings us right back to the culture of your enterprise and imbuing it with concern for CX.

For example, packaging a shipped product. Not the marketing department, right? But surely part of the customer experience.  What is the customer experience when opening your package—apart from seeing your product? Will the shipping department design that aspect of CX? Probably not, unless the comprehensive design of the customer experience is part of your firm’s culture.

Does Your “Customer Support” Fully Catalyze the CX?

How about customer support? How many aspects of that necessary chore affect the total, end-to-end CX with your brand?

To learn more about how data management and software solutions can impact the totality of the customer experience, please contact us to speak with one of our technology consultants. We work with you by helping you to define the problem, the challenge, of a systematic approach to the whole journey of your product or service and the “touchpoints” on CX.

Our process is another way of getting a handle on your firm’s “culture” as everyone is brought into the discussion. It all counts in the total customer experience. Is that the kind of culture you want? If so, we would be happy to discuss any aspect of your data management and systems—including, of course, digital–to explore how we can work with you.