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Software Support

Software Support

Software support is essential to making sure that your customers and employees are maximizing the benefits of your software investment. With any software, users experience a learning curve while getting used to the new system. With custom software, you’re expecting your staff to learn an entirely new process. That makes it even more important to minimize system issues and respond quickly to their challenges.

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Our white-labeled software support desk gives your customers and employees the feeling that they’re working directly with your company to resolve their customer support issue. This type of relationship provides several key benefits:

  • First, you don’t incur the labor cost to provide software support your employees or customers
  • You also have expert level software support technicians with direct access to developers
  • In addition, the white-label approach provides comfort to your employees and gives the optics of a much larger business to your customers
  • We learn immediately about user challenges and can help you prioritize the most important enhancements to the system
  • Finally, you can spend your time on business, rather than technology

How does it work?

We set up a dedicated email address and a dedicated phone line, both with your brand. All inquiries from the software, via email or via phone get logged directly in our support desk. Moreover, emails from our team use your branding to maintain a consistent experience.

How about your existing software?

Many of our clients come to us with existing legacy software and wish to end their relationship with their current developer. As a result, we have experience in smoothing the transition for you and protecting your intellectual property along the way. We can also support your legacy application while we build its modern, secure, scalable replacement.


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