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Data Architecture

Data Architecture

As you know, houses are only as good as their foundation. Likewise, software solutions are only as good as their data architecture, i.e. their foundation. In addition to a good foundation, government and industry regulations such as PII, PCI and HIPAA mean that strict data standard compliance is a must. Consequently, today’s technology and regulatory environment make good data architecture an essential element of software development.

Because of those needs, there are important factors to consider if you’re thinking about building a custom software solution or even just storing information in a database. Always answer these questions to ensure your data architecture is compliant, secure and scalable:

  • First, what type of data does the database store?
  • Next, where does the data come from?
  • And how will the data reach your company?
  • Who has access to the data? Also, who manages the access?
  • Where and how is the data stored?
  • And consequently, how “on-demand” do you need your data to be?
  • Finally, do your customers have any requirements regarding data handling?

There are many steps involved in creating a good data architecture. Here are just a few of them. First, communicate with business users to identify the most valuable types of data. Next, understand the life cycle for the different information categories. Then, to ensure data integrity, validate that data is consistently represented throughout the organization. Finally, design the architecture, conduct reviews and finalize the data architecture.

Here at Jaroop, our team has extensive database architecture design experience. As good builders should, we help make your application powerful and protected by applying our expertise to your needs.


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