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Data Architecture in Insurance

Data architecture is the way in which a company’s data is organized, stored, and accessed. This acts as the foundation for all software solutions, making it a critical success factor in any software development project. Additionally, businesses need to consider government and industry regulations such as PII, PCI, and HIPAA to ensure they are compliant with the law.

Jaroop’s approach to data architecture starts with answering the following basic, but essential questions:

  • What type of data needs to be stored in the database?
  • Where does the data come from?
  • How will the data reach your stakeholders?
  • Who has access to the data? And who manages the access?
  • Where and how is the data stored?
  • How “on-demand” do you need your data to be?
  • Do your customers have any unique requirements regarding data handling?

Along with the answers to these questions, it is important to engage business users early and often to assess the value and understand the life-cycle of each data type for different stakeholders. Only after all the upfront analysis is complete will Jaroop’s Data Architects design your organization’s data system to make sure your company gets the most value out of your applications.

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