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Software as a Service (SaaS) Development

Software as a Service

There are only two ways to truly differentiate from your competition with a Software as a Service product — You can differentiate on price or you can differentiate on value. In other words, customers choose you because they feel you’re the most cost effective solution or they choose you because you’re “worth it”. Clearly, most customers look for a balance but those are the only two points where you can truly differentiate.

When developing a new Software as a Service (SaaS) product that you wish to bring to market, it’s critical to identify which need you’re filling and also determine why customers would expend the effort required to adopt your software rather than somebody else’s.

All that said, regardless of your strategic approach to the market, it’s paramount that you minimize the cost to provide your product and also include features that draw a clear distinction between the value of your product and that of your competition in the marketplace.

The SaaS Development Process

When your product involves a piece of software (which it almost always does in today’s world), you’re at risk of feature overload, performance issues, scalability issues and overall cost issues. That’s why we employ agile and mindful SaaS development processes — To ensure that the right product gets to market. Because we develop your software in small, functional, deployable pieces, we create a continuous feedback loop that maximizes your return on investment and best differentiates your product in the market.

Software as a Service Case Study – Givinga

About the Company

Givinga is a PhilanTech startup that, through its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, empowers individuals to amplify and organize their giving through a unique “assets in motion” philosophy that efficiently puts donated dollars into the hands of approved 501(c)(3) charities. Givinga software makes it easy to be good.

Company Background

  • Great brand with a timely and effective product
  • Founded by financial and technology industry veterans
  • Revolutionary way to give
  • Official launch Spring 2017
  • Privately funded with a significant amount of corporate and investor interest, even prior to go-live
  • Affiliation with 501(c)(3) sponsoring organization, allowing for unique giving vehicles previously only available to the super-wealthy
Givinga Amplified Givinga Platform

The Challenge

Given the philanthropic nature of the site and the necessity to handle financial transactions, the software development efforts required careful planning in order to accommodate Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and be PCI compliant. As Givinga is a public facing site with potentially millions of users and dollars flowing through the platform, it was imperative that the scalability and security be paramount considerations in the development process. Additionally, Givinga hired renowned third party security testing firm, Trustwave to battle test the platform.

  • Need for seamless integration with bank and credit card accounts
  • Ability to handle the end-to-end process of opening up charitable giving accounts
  • Charity research needs
  • Collection of personal information including highly sensitive items such as social security numbers and bank accounts
  • Financial reporting integration needs
  • Tight startup timeline and public audience

The Software

Without a doubt, the Givinga software platform required a beautiful, engaging interface that could provide robust management tools to organize and amplify giving. In order to open charitable giving accounts, sensitive personal and financial information has to be securely stored in the system and securely transmitted to financial institutions.

The Software Features

  • PCI and PII compliant storage of information – tested by renowned security firm Trustwave
  • API integration with Charity Navigator to pull in charity ratings
  • Charity research engine capable of searching through thousands of charities in seconds
  • Dashboard reporting on charitable giving activity
  • Amplify giving through social media, email and a unique campaign page with the ability to run crowd-giving campaigns and invite your network of personal and professional contacts
  • Campaign page video and image integration
  • Charitable account and campaign approval processes
  • A unique permissions system that is setup to be able to accommodate corporations for the corporate functionality
Givinga Amplified Giving Software Development

The Results

Please check back later for results data!

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