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Robotic Process Automation in Insurance

For many companies, labor is the highest cost. This is often due to labor inefficiencies that accumulate over time as a byproduct of business growth. Process automation can reduce these costs while improving customer and user experience.

As a company grows, there are more “tasks” that need to be completed. The quickest solution is to hire or assign an employee to complete these “tasks” even if they don’t require the full skillset of the individual.  Consequently, time spent performing these often disparate activities creates long lead times that push up costs and reduces the time available for strategic initiatives or special projects.

For example, it’s possible to streamline a variety of customer management activities into a cost-effective customer journey that is pleasing to the customer and efficient for the organization. Having customer service representatives play an interactive role complementing an updated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to support sales opportunities and requests in real-time improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Process Automation Software

Process automation software reduces human error and provides data on actual performance that can help leaders make further improvements. This software can reduce the cost of performing certain tasks and reduce human input into labor intensive activities by integrating disparate systems and becoming part of a holistic end-to-end business process.

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