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Process Automation Software Development

Process Automation

For most companies, their highest cost is the cost of labor. Because of this high cost, it’s worth noting that there are enormous labor inefficiencies in every organization. These labor inefficiencies accumulate over time as a byproduct of business growth and are often resolvable through business process automation.

As a business grows, the easiest thing to do is to hire a person to “handle a task”. Very often these “tasks” don’t use the full skill set of the individual. Consequently, time spent performing these tasks reduces the time available for more strategic activities or those only humans can handle.

To illustrate, it’s possible in many organizations to streamline a variety of customer management activities into meaningful, cost-effective and value-adding customer journeys that are both pleasing to the customer and efficient for the organization. For example, letting representatives play an interactive role and support customers in real-time improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Process Automation Software

Process automation software significantly reduces human error opportunities and provides data on actual performance amenable to further improvement. Businesses use the software to reduce the cost of performing particular processes and reduce human input into labor intensive activities. This software integrates disparate systems and lets an end-to-end business process replace manual triggers.

Process Automation Case Study –

About the Company flies some of the most famous celebrities, athletes and business people around the world with a very customer-centric approach to chartering flights. Indisputably, the needs of this clientele vary widely and necessitate real-time responsiveness and coordination.

Company Background:

  • redefines private aviation, moving away from the traditional approach where customers become lost dealing with different departments
  • The company prides itself on building strong customer relationships and providing great travel experiences. They have staff available 24/7 to solve customer problems
  • The company has experienced significant growth with an increasingly geographically diverse client base and staff Charter Aircraft Software

The Challenge

The company’s success and rapid growth create a need to move away from its legacy software systems and spreadsheets. However, no enterprise-grade out-of-the-box flight management software addresses the unique needs of the industry.

About the Challenge

  • has a strong focus providing quality customer satisfaction. Thus, the company’s flight brokers and schedulers need the flexibility to solve customer issues. Meanwhile, the company also needs controls and visibility to manage its geographically diverse workforce effectively
  • The Jets team has a number of processes that often require human intervention. These processes need automation that doesn’t lose the client-focused feel of the Jets relationship
  • With continued growth, the Jets system sees increasing numbers of flights that often require adjustment before and during the trip
  • Finally, the company needs a clear way to track and manage data across functions. These include customer management, billing, commissions and financial reporting

Process Automation Software

The flight booking and management system provides end-to-end process automation of previously labor-intensive tasks. Ultimately, the software development process included a mapping of all workflows and data necessary to provide a robust system capable of handling the unique requests of the Jets team and its clients.

About the Software

  • Electronic quoting of travel through a step-by-step process automation software that collects customer requirements, prices out operators and offers multiple options to the client through an attractive online proposal
  • Digital acceptance and signing of proposals by clients, with copies of contracts and email notifications sent to all parties involved
  • PCI compliant transaction processing for credit card authorization and ACH holds
  • A flexible permissions management system allowing customizable workflows and permissions created to accommodate’s current and future user needs
  • Secure system provides broker-specific customer management, too
  • Real-time visibility into upcoming flights, profit generation of flights and customer travel requests
Jets Application Jaroop Software Development

The Results

The software has created positive customer experiences and significantly reduced their labor expenditure on administrative management of flights. Furthermore, the process of mapping existing and desired workflows across their sales, operations, finance and administrative operations proved beneficial as it greatly increases the company’s data visibility and flight processing speed.

Software Development Results

  • Elimination of nearly all “paper” and electronic storage and processing of key information
  • Adds secure electronic signing and payment processing for credit card authorization, too
  • Full end-to-end process facilitation that guides brokers, schedulers, and clients through a process that significantly reduces errors and standardized activities
  • Dramatically reduces expenses and significantly improves customer and user experience
  • Creates an engaging and mobile responsive contract signing process, allowing clientele to easily book flights from anywhere

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