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Internet of Things

Connectivity plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. Integrating tangible products with cloud-based software enables the real-time interactivity that customers increasingly demand. Common examples of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that connect devices are fitness trackers like FitBit®, Google’s Nest Thermostat, or Amazon’s cloud-based voice service Alexa. However, commercial applications for IoT go far beyond these everyday uses.

Many businesses now integrate their products with the cloud to provide better customer service, improve response rates, and reduce labor costs. This has the added benefit of providing centralized, secure visibility and control over their hardware performance from anywhere in the world.

Data collected by accessing hardware from the cloud helps businesses better gauge the performance of their services, limit waste, and enhance customer experience. For instance, smart automobiles give manufacturers immediate feedback about possible flaws and in some cases, allow recall management through software updates downloaded directly to the vehicle, removing the need for car owners to visit a dealership.

Connected Working

While software applications of IoT devices seem commonplace in our everyday lives, “Connected Working” is becoming just as popular as “Connected Living.” Companies can now find ways to meaningfully engage customers, partners, and employees through IoT to more efficiently work together in virtual teams.

Internet of Things Case Study – Vanguard

About the Company

Vanguard Construction Solutions provides inspection, monitoring and reporting services to construction companies, specializing in satisfying local, city, and state regulatory requirements for construction projects.

Company Background

  • Offers vibration, crack and monitoring services, pre-construction surveys, seismographs, and stability inspection services

  • Close relationships with engineering and construction firms in the greater NYC area

  • Market position, reputation with customers, and service offerings allow it to scale quickly

Vanguard Construction Solutions

The Challenge

Vanguard manually collects data from multiple sources that needs to be stored, normalized, and reported to clients.

Solution Requirements

  • Organize big data sets from multiple sources

  • Integration with 3rd party data and distribution partners

  • Custom report format requirements

  • Build for scalability

  • Keep customer information secure

The Software

The Jaroop team delivered a web-based Internet of Things (IoT) software capable of collecting and managing large sets of data while maintaining high productivity and reliability.

Key Features

  • Dashboard to visualize important project information
  • Different access levels to protect sensitive customer information
  • Integration with cloud-based file storage for easy organization and access
  • Remote data collection and upload capabilities.
Vanguard Construction Software Application

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