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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things represents the conceptual framework that connectivity plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. To that end, integrating tangible products with cloud-based software enables the real-time interactivity modern life demands. Most commonly, people are familiar with fitness trackers such as the FitBit or with Google’s Nest Thermostat or Amazon’s Alexa. However, commercial applications for the Internet of Things go far beyond these common uses.

As an example, many businesses now integrate their products into the cloud to provide better customer service, improve response rates to issues and reduce labor costs. This also has the benefit of providing centralized, secure visibility control over their hardware performance from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, data collected by accessing hardware “things” helps businesses better gauge the performance of their services, limit waste and enhance customer experience. For instance, smart automobiles give manufacturers immediate feedback about possible flaws and in some cases, allow recall management through software updates downloaded directly to the vehicle instead of requiring owners to visit a dealership.

Connected Working

While software applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) seem commonplace in our everyday living spaces, “Connected Working” is becoming just as popular as “Connected Living”. Specifically, companies identify ways to meaningfully engage customers and their business partners and employees through IoT to provide a more streamlined way of efficiently working together in virtual teams.

Internet of Things Case Study – Vanguard

About the Company

Vanguard Construction Solutions focuses on providing construction companies with inspection, monitoring and reporting services. Vanguard’s services are in especially high demand in metropolitan areas, where local, city and state entities heavily regulate construction projects.

Company Background

  • Vanguard offers an array of vibration, crack and monitoring services in addition to preconstruction surveys, sale of seismographs and stability inspection services
  • The company is closely wired into the engineering and construction community in the greater NYC area
  • Vanguard’s market position, customer reputation and product/service offering allow it to scale quickly in the near future
Vanguard Construction Solutions

The Challenge

Vanguard collects a large amount of data that needs storage, normalization and reporting to clients. Generating these reports requires the use of data collected from multiple sources, thereby creating a tedious and expensive manual process.

About the Challenge

  • Big data sets from multiple disparate data sources
  • Integration with distribution partners and 3rd party data sets
  • Very specific report format requirements
  • Scalability is essential
  • Customer information security is critical

The Software

The web-based Internet of Things (IoT) software we created for Vanguard incorporates a robust database capable of collecting and managing large sets of data. We kept productivity and reliability firmly in mind while designing key features of the system.

To control project specific information, a project dashboard shares key project information with staff members authorized for access. Seamless integration with cloud-based file storage ensures files are properly organized and accessible by the proper staff.

To easily collect project data, we created software integrations with various hardware used to monitor job sites. For example, seismographs collect vibration data and push data into the software remotely using modems tied to a cellular network. Then, the indexed vibration data is made accessible to users for report creation. Finally, it takes just a few clicks to generate, format, and deliver reports to clients.

Vanguard Construction Software Application

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