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Data Management

Your company likely already collects data. But most businesses have incomplete data collection and often have not identified how to use it to make tactical operational or long-term strategic decisions. Jaroop can help optimize your data management to grow your organization.

Data Accessibility

Data management capabilities are often inaccessible to the people in your organization who need them most.

Companies often have large disparate data sets spread across multiple legacy systems that may not provide the reporting capabilities needed to draw actionable insights

As the business grows, administration, storage, development, server, professional services, and other costs can become prohibitively expensive if your data infrastructure and processes are not built and managed to scale.

Data Timeliness

Managers cannot make good decisions if data collection isn’t timely. For example, cost overruns, product issues, profitability concerns, and customer problems cannot be proactively addressed when it takes days, weeks or months to compile data.

Even if data can be collected quickly, it is often overwhelming, requiring substantial internal resources to manage, migrate, and massage into digestible reports.

The Key to Data Success

Having good data management practices in place makes predictions about future events possible with statistical validation and predictive analytics. Your goal should be to use your data tools to see problems and opportunities BEFORE they happen.

Data Management Case Study – Cochran Marine

About Cochran Marine

Cochran Marine designs, builds, installs, and maintains shore-power infrastructure for cruise liners and large commercial vessels. It’s products and services reduce environmental impact and increase port and ship safety, while decreasing costs for powering ships while in port.

Company Background:

  • Cochran Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cochran, Inc., a large electrical subcontractor headquartered in Seattle, Washington
  • The subsidiary spun off after identification of a market opportunity in the shore power industry for major passenger cruise lines and port authorities
  • Cochran Marine’s short power technology reduces carbon footprint significantly and as a result helps ports and ships operate more safely, economically and environmentally friendly
  • The company’s shore power infrastructure is in nearly every major US port and also in additional ports all over the world
  • Cochran Marine grew its operation from passenger cruise lines to the broader commercial sea transportation market
Cochran Marine Database Software Application

The Challenge

Cochran Marine’s shore power system generates data from multiple sources including temperature readings, electrical output, and issues or critical events. This data needs to be collected, analyzed, and managed so that appropriate individuals can quickly make decisions and act based on the most up to date information.

Solution Requirements

  • Integrate with hardware and data from external partners and clients
  • Predictive Analysis to identify the potential for critical events

  • Automated data management
  • Handle simultaneous connections from ports and ships worldwide

  • Scale quickly and reliably

The Software

Jaroop developed the Cochran Marine Shore Power Database to provide data management, hardware monitoring, and data science insights to the Cochran Marine team. This system provides graphical and numeric-based outputs like real-time event reporting and on-demand historic analysis to customers, team members, and other stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Constant uptime, connection, and disconnection monitoring
  • Automated event reporting with email notifications
  • Direct interface with hardware

  • Customizable reporting with detailed drill down capabilities
  • Customizable user management and permissions to allow controlled access for partners, vendors, clients, team members

  • Real-time data analytics with predictive insights and reporting
Cochran Marine Insights and Analytics

The Results

The Jaroop team worked with Cochran team members, visited ports, and met with the hardware vendors to develop a solution that helped put Cochran in a position to scale their business and deliver value to customers.

Key Accomplishments

  • Industry-leading reliability of 99.998% uptime in 4 years

  • Predictive analytics to detect anomalies and automatic transmission  of reports to port operators

  • Elimination of  manual data management, analysis and short power reporting tasks that are now completed automatically by the system

  • Increased sales for Cochran linked to new ability to track environmental impact and savings

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