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Custom Software Solutions for Insurance

You don’t build custom software solutions just for the sake of building software. Rather, you build software because you need a solution to a problem in your business. You need your agents to perform better. You want higher placement rates. You want faster calls to better leads. You want to stand out from the competition in an industry where you can’t differentiate on product.

You build software because you want to disrupt your industry. Overall, you build software so that you can become… better.


Software Solutions To Solve Unique Problems

There are many off-the-shelf software for common problems. Where you need special technical help and business advice is around how to maximize those solutions and customize those solutions to solve your problems.

How to Get Started

Everyone in business has worries. Think about the problems in your business that worry you the most. Then think about what you could do with your time if you weren’t always worrying about them. Now, imagine what your people could do if they weren’t constantly bogged down trying to solve them.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does it take days or weeks to get the reports you need to make key decisions?
  • Do processes in your company seem bottle-necked due to human error or communication issues?
  • Could customers, employees, and partners benefit from faster information and communication from your team?
  • Are you losing money because people “drop the ball”?
  • Is there a technology, software or integration that would generate value for your customers?
  • What would you do if you had more time to spend on the things that matter?
  • Are you falling behind the competition due to outdated software systems?
  • Finally, do your systems work well on all devices (over 62% of people use mobile exclusively)?


We build custom software solutions that transform insurance businesses.

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