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Custom Software Development

Custom software development will help you achieve your business goals. These could be to improve customer experiences, streamline workflows, enter new markets, or simply reduce costs or increase revenues to become more profitable.

Unfortunately, these benefits are difficult to achieve and as a result software systems are often viewed by business owners as a “necessary evil.” Some common issues with software development are:

    • Took too long to develop
    • Doesn’t integrate well with other systems
    • Difficult for employees to use
    • Provides little or no value to customers
    • Does not tie directly to business objectives
  • Little or no measurable benefits

The Jaroop Alternative

Our agile, results-based approach enables us to quickly build software as unique as your company.

We build simple but scalable software solutions that get you live with base functionality that gives us flexibility to add features as we go. This reduces your initial financial investment and improves user adoption making it easier to achieve business objectives. We continually rely on your users, be they employees, customers, or other stakeholders, to provide feedback and guidance on updated requirements. Many of Jaroop’s clients have their first functional piece of working software within 90 days of discovery.

To help deliver quality products consistently, we typically use the following engagement model tailored to the unique needs of each client:


We start all software development projects by getting to know your company, team, and objectives to make sure any recommendations will increase business value with minimal disruption to your operations.


  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Strategy sessions with organizational leaders
  • Review of existing software and business processes

  • Analysis of key metrics or measures of success


  • Findings and high-level strategic recommendation

  • Software development roadmap


Before building a software solution, we validate the recommendation with key stakeholders to gain alignment on expected benefits such as cost savings, increase revenue, or better service delivery.


  • Gain alignment on proposal and success metrics

  • Model software impact on business performance


  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Codified success metrics
  • Defined minimally viable product (MVP)

Conceptual Prototyping

A prototype may include wireframes, interactive mockups, sample applications, or other illustrations to clearly demonstrate the expected project outcome. Our goal is to give your team a chance to interact with our proposal, see how stakeholders will interact with the solution, and provide feedback before full development begins.


  • Create application wireframes or mockups

  • Develop basic working version to demonstrate functionality


  • Interactive system mockups
  • Data flow diagrams
  • Future state process maps

Custom Software Development

Once the groundwork is complete, the Jaroop team iteratively builds, tests, and enhances the software. We typically employ two to three week development sprints to give you visibility into the process and allow for flexibility if business requirements need to be updated.


  • Programming back-end software like database and application layers

  • Integrating with any third party data providers through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Integrating with other Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Programming User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

  • Testing, including coordination of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by end users.


  • Development, demo, staging, and production environments for each solution

  • Setup of domain name (e.g. apps.yourcompany.com)

  • Finalized API specifications or other technical integration documents

  • Training tutorials
  • Software that enables you to meet your business goals!

Ongoing Support and Development

Jaroop’s dedicated help desk supports your employees and customers to use their new software, while collecting feedback to help prioritize any future enhancements.


  • Support Desk to log and resolve issues
  • Hypotheses testing
  • Ongoing maintenance of software components like applications, API’s, databases, and security

  • Prioritization of future enhancements

  • Repeat validation, prototyping, and development phases for any updates


  • Systems Usage Analysis
  • Uptime and incident reports
  • Business metric reporting
  • Ongoing software enhancements

Custom Software Development. Done Right.

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