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Custom Software Development

Ideally, custom software development demonstrably enhances your business. You’re measurably more profitable as a result of having built custom software. In addition, your new software helps you improve customer experiences, streamline workflows or even enter a new market.

Unfortunately, those benefits aren’t always achieved.

When you think about technology, do you think about the cost or the benefit? In our 2017 owners’ survey, 82% answered “cost”. Software systems, in particular, are viewed by business owners as a “necessary evil”. If you’re in this group, it’s likely you have software that:

  • Took far too long to develop
  • Doesn’t integrate well with your other systems
  • Meanwhile, is bothersome or cumbersome to your employees
  • And isn’t valued by your customers
  • Finally, it doesn’t tie directly into a clear, measurable business objective

The Jaroop Alternative

Our agile, results-based approach lets us build software as unique as you are. And it’s done in rapid development fashion. Gone are the days before agile software development when “6-12 months of requirements building” was the norm. We get new software launched fast.

Specifically, we build simple but scalable software solutions that get you “live” quickly and then add features from there. This reduces your financial investment and improves outcomes. We also rely on your users (employees, customers, stakeholders) to provide feedback and guide the agile software development in a way that generates the most organizational value. As a result, many clients have their first functional piece of working software within 90 days.

These are our development rules: Validate our hypotheses, plan for results, build rapidly with enterprise grade technologies, get feedback/results and repeat.

Your relationship with us is very unique, but at a high level, we typically use the following process:


We spend time with you, up front, at no cost, to get to know your team, company, and objectives. This ensures that the solutions we recommend are appropriate custom software development solutions for your business. As part of this process, we’ll formulate hypotheses that we feel will increase your business value.

Discovery Activities:

  • First, conduct employee and customer interviews
  • Next, hold strategic discussions with your management
  • Then, review and analyze your existing software, workflows, etc.
  • Finally, analyze the basic key metrics for your business success

Discovery Deliverables:

  • Following discovery activities, we present key findings and high-level recommendations
  • Facilitate a discussion of our initial discoveries with key members of your management team
  • Lastly, we deliver a formal software development work plan and key hypotheses


Our approach to solving problems involves validating potential solutions before we build software. Our objective in this step is to 1) prove that our recommended custom software solution will add value and 2) quantify the savings, additional profit or value that your company should receive as a result of our recommendation.

Validation Activities:

  • First, collect historical data relative to the businesses success metrics
  • Then, model the potential impact on business performance
  • Finally, discuss potential software solutions with your management

Validation Deliverables:

  • A very clear simulation of the metrics we’re pursuing
  • Cost projections on development of the different solutions
  • A clear outline of the minimally viable product (MVP)

Conceptual Prototyping

After problem validation, we build a conceptual prototype of the solution. This may involve business process mapping, wireframing, interactive mockups, user stories and sample functioning applications to process data or illustrate other benefits of the planned approach.

The intent of those first steps is providing a cost effective software development solution with a predictable and meaningful outcome. This gives you, your management team, and your clients and other potential stakeholders an opportunity to interact with a visual simulation of the software prior to custom software development.

Conceptual Prototyping Activities:

  • Initially, creation of application wireframes
  • Next, identification of existing software libraries that can reduce time to market
  • Lastly, development of a basic working version of the application (for conceptual simulation purposes)

Conceptual Prototyping Deliverables:

  • Interactive system mockups
  • A live simulation of data and/or mapping of data flow diagrams (for data-intensive software applications)
  • Process maps outlining proposed processes for software automation, including human engagement points (for process-intensive applications)

Custom Software Development

Once the conceptual prototype is built, you’ll be able to visualize how the “final product” will work. This happens because our software development process benefits from continuous collaboration as we design, build, test and enhance the software. During this process, we run short two-week development sprints to give you a high level of visibility. This structure allows us to prioritize our efforts and change course fluidly as business needs dictate.

Software Development Activities:

  • Programming User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Programming back-end software including database and application layers
  • Integrating with any third party data providers through Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)
  • Integrating with other Software as a Service (SaaS) providers for needed functionality
  • Following programming and integration, coordination of testing by end users during the beta stage

Software Development Deliverables:

  • Development, demo, staging and production environments for each software solution we create
  • Setup and coordination of domain name (e.g. apps.yourcompany.com)
  • Finalized API spec docs or other technical integration docs
  • Training tutorials aimed at appropriate groups or individuals on how to use the system
  • As a result, truly great software unique to your business and scalable to future needs

Ongoing Support and Development

Working alongside your users is the best path to successful software development. Jaroop’s dedicated support desk supports your employees and customers in their use of the software. In addition, we collect feedback from your software’s users and use it to make development decisions. This process makes sure you only invest money, time, and resources in high ROI activities.

Support Activities:

  • First, we’ll perform additional hypotheses testing
  • Then we continue prioritizing software development to improve business metrics
  • We also provide a support desk to log and resolve software issues
  • Next is ongoing maintenance of applications, API’s, databases, security protocols, etc.
  • Finally, we repeat the Validation, Prototyping and Development phases as needed for new software additions

Support Deliverables:

  • We provide ongoing enhancements to the software
  • We also support feedback and systems usage analysis
  • And we deliver uptime reports and, if an issue occurs, incident reports
  • In addition, we generate detailed reporting of business metrics

Custom Software Development. Done Right.

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