web design for hotel rooms is enhanced with images

The Importance of Pictures and Image Galleries in Hospitality Web Design

Booking a hotel room is more than just securing a safe place to sleep while traveling. It’s planning an experience and choosing your home away from home. In many cases, guests of the hospitality industry are actually looking for a place that is better than home. Indeed, an experience that will leave them feeling relaxed and pampered. Whether your guests are on vacation or simply looking for the most comfortable way to take a business trip, the best way to promote your hotel is by showing the guests what they can experience once they step through your doors with images.

Pictures Make the Hospitality World Go ‘Round

When it comes to digital marketing via web design, there is no question that “Content is King”. What this means is that the more information and interesting ideas you can provide to your potential guests, the more interest you will generate. However, not all the content you provide has to be written. In fact, when it comes to selling experiences, sometimes the best thing you can provide is a beautiful selection of pictures. You can describe the rooms all day long from the sheet’s thread count to the number of channels included on the television. After all, what guests really want to know is what they can discover with their eyes.

What Your Guests Want to See

When a guest is planning their next trip, they want to be able to visualize their experience before it begins. Thus, they will choose a room that appears to provide everything they’re looking for. Guests want to see a beautifully laid out room with plenty of space to both unpack and relax. For example, they want to see a comfortable tub, two sinks, and a kitchenette. A clear idea of how space and how movement in the room will flow can only be truly understood with images.

Your goal is to convey two sets of data to your customers, the logistical and the sensual. On one hand, you want to show guests that you can provide everything they need. On the other, you want to convey the comfort and luxury of the experience by providing a feast for the senses with your photography style. For detail-oriented guests, consider pictures of the sheets to show fabric quality and even one down on carpet-level to show off your cleanliness.

A Gallery of Each Room

Guests want to know exactly what they’re getting out of a room. Often, a single picture just isn’t enough. In an ideal hotel website, each individual room will have a small gallery of pictures for a complete tour of the room. This allows guests to feel like they’ve already visited and they can tour each available room to find the perfect fit for their vacation. Of course, if you’re just getting started, even a few room tour galleries is persuasive proof for the quality of your rooms.

The Main Image Gallery

Some guests won’t get as far as looking into individual rooms before they make their decision. For this style of travel planning, you’ll want a primary gallery of pictures as well. This should cover the lobby, grounds, amenities, and any luxurious additional features like pools, spas, gyms, and restaurants. Include a tour of several different styles of rooms in your primary gallery as well to give quick-flipping guests a chance to get a complete feel for what it’s like to stay in your hotel.

Pictures Everywhere Else

Finally, remember that no matter what other forms your marketing campaign takes or where your assets may be hosted, you are still selling an experience. Use beautiful pictures of your venue to accent every other piece of content you post. Blog articles should be accompanied by pictures and third-party booking sites should have a full set of pictures for your shared amenities and each room. Further, your review platform profiles should also be fully equipped with beautiful images. Also, of course, don’t forget a few snaps of temptingly delicious room service options.

Learn More About Using Images in Hospitality Web Design

When your future guests can practically smell the clean linens and hot room service wafting from your pictures, they’ll know luxury and relaxation are only a few clicks away. For more website design tips and trends, to update your website, or to completely redesign with the help of dedicated web design experts, contact us today!