Scala Developer | Berlin, Connecticut USA

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Posted 9 months ago

Scala Developer | Berlin, Connecticut USA

About the Position:

We are looking for a versatile back­end web developer to join our growing team. Here at Jaroop, you will focus on building and maintaining enterprise web­based applications. Though we primarily use Play Framework (Scala) to write back­end code, and Backbone.js for the front­end of our applications, you’ll be expected to be capable of working with other languages such as Ruby, PHP, or C#, if needed. You must be available to work alongside our team in our Connecticut office.

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking specifications from the project management team and writing the code to develop advanced, secure web applications
  • Working well within Jaroop’s team and occasionally providing feedback on client projects
  • Participating actively in team meetings and collaborating on planning, development, testing and deployment
  • Learning independently to advance individual and team knowledge
  • Writing well documented, functional code that can pass testing procedures
  • Utilizing Jaroop’s project management platform to communicate project progress and complete assignments on schedule

Required qualifications:

  • 1 ­ 2 years of programming experience with an object­oriented or functional programming language, such as Scala, Java, or C#.
  • Desire to learn Scala if you do not already know it
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of Javascript and HTML
  • Familiarity with the MVC design pattern and experience working with frameworks implementing this pattern
  • Familiarity with source control (git)
  • Comfort with the command­line
  • Ability to learn new programming languages and concepts quickly
  • Familiarity with cross­browser compatibility and web standards
  • Ability to work independently, perform under pressure and adapt to change
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and prioritization skills
  • High level of concern for quality of client deliverables and a high level of integrity

About Us:

At Jaroop, it’s simple. We don’t just build software, we solve business problems. Jaroop solves business problems by using a unique, data-based methodology to identify core issues for potential improvement, establish metrics for success and create intelligent, automated software solutions that perform against those metrics.

Our approach to solving problems involves validation of the core problem and expected quantitative and qualitative results through anecdotal feedback, review of company materials, market research and statistical analysis/simulation. After the problem has been validated, we build a conceptual prototype of the solution, which can involve business process mapping, wireframing, interactive mock-ups, user stories and sample functioning applications to process data or illustrate other benefits of the planned approach. The intent of these first few steps is to provide a cost effective software development solution with a predictable and meaningful outcome.

Once the software is built and launched, we work collaboratively with the client to maintain and enhance the system in a way to continue to drive the best return on investment for the business.

Following this approach is one of the highest value drivers for our clients because it ensures that, at each step, we are only investing money/time/resources in activities that directly correlate to adding measurable value to the firm and solving actual problems.

Our Core Services:

Software Development – We develop scalable enterprise-grade software that is planned, engineered and tested to ensure that it is capable of solving problems today and in the future.

UX/UI Design – Our user experience / user interface design team specializes in striking the perfect balance between visual appearance and user friendliness for software applications.

Technology/Business Consulting – Our objective is to actually solve business problems and create value for the organizations through meaningful research, analysis and advisory services.

Data Science & Management – Analysis of data is critical to gaining a competitive advantage, but most organizations are failing to leverage data efficiently and effectively. We use data science, computing power and machine learning to provide meaningful, automated and actual business insights.

API Integration & Licensing – In today’s world, the ability to pull information from a third party service or transmit data to a customer is critical and financially valuable. We work with you to architect, craft and develop the plan and infrastructure around your data exchange business strategies.

White Labeled Team – From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our clients often want to bolster their technical and business capabilities but maintain their brand. We provide white labeled sales, operations, engineering and support solutions to tackle your organization’s specific needs.

Our Products and Ventures:

It is our goal to use our knowledge, skills and expertise to build, invest in and grow product based businesses, of which the entire Jaroop team would benefit from the direct financial success of these activities. These products provide recurring revenue, home-run upside (e.g. acquisition) and also solve fundamental business problems for our existing clients.

Compensation, Perks and Opportunity:

We offer a competitive compensation package including salary, bonuses and profit sharing. Additionally, we are an employee owned company and select high performing individuals with demonstrated long-term commitment to the company and our people are offered ownership opportunities. Additionally, we offer a generous retirement plan matching program to further enhance your long-term ability to build wealth. We have a holistic approach to protecting our wealth through comprehensive family medical, dental, vision plans with a wide range of in-network providers as well as our 100% company-provided life insurance policy with short & long term disability. We understand the need for work/life balance and offer a flexible work policy and a generous vacation policy. Finally, we try our best to create a fun atmosphere and culture by offering numerous team building, fun events.

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