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Internet Marketing for Connecticut Businesses

Internet marketing for Connecticut businesses can be challenging, as there are so many different products out there and various companies selling them. Additionally, being so close to New York and Boston forces many small Connecticut businesses to compete for advertising placement with much larger companies. Most small businesses are operating on a limited budget and need to concentrate on a specific local area for business internet marketing in Connecticut. I recently had an opportunity to attend a Middlesex Chamber of Commerce event where I spoke with several local Connecticut business owners about techniques that they are using for online marketing. I chose to follow-up with this blog article about internet marketing for Connecticut small businesses, but the techniques could likely be used for any company looking to target its marketing and advertising efforts to a particular geographic area. Here are three main tips:

Know your target market and stay focused

If you are a company that sells to other businesses primarily in the Hartford, CT market, then why are you running Facebook ads that extend into Fairfield County? You aren’t going to find many new business clients on Facebook and when you pay for internet marketing in Fairfield County, you compete heavily with NYC or Southern Connecticut firms, driving up the cost that you pay per click. I recently ran a test to prove this theory – same ad, same keywords with the only thing being different the geographic area (Hartford, CT vs. Fairfield, CT). I set a five mile radius around each of these locations. The result – the Fairfield cost per click was almost 300% higher than the Hartford, CT cost per click. The bottom line – Since you are paying on a cost per click basis, you are looking for the most economical way to get quality clicks. Pick the geographies and online ad placement locations (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc) that make sense for your business.

Offer content that your target Connecticut-based customer would want to read

If you are writing a blog article, sending an e-mail blast or simply updating your website, include content that is relevant to your customers. If you are focusing on small businesses in Connecticut, write an article that offers information that would help a small business in Connecticut. It doesn’t even have to promote your product directly – just the simple fact that you are creating Connecticut relevant content will help you get Connecticut-based traffic to your website. And BE SPECIFIC – there are a lot of companies out there, and focusing on a particular country may often be more effective than “casting a wide net” and marketing to the whole state or country. The bottom line – Blog, e-mail and update your website with relevant information to the geographic market that you are pursuing.

Word of mouth is still the best way to market and advertise your business

Everyone talks about how much marketing has changes with the advances of the internet. The truth is that it hasn’t really changed at all. IT is still the same techniques, there is just a different way of communicating. Develop a good product, tell people about it and let them tell other people – the same as it was 50 years ago. The only difference is that now it is done a lot FASTER, which is a good thing for your business! Use your blog and social media to stay in contact with your customers and reach out to future customers. The bottom line – Put as much time online promoting your business as you used to commit “offline” and you will be shocked with the results. Want some pointers? Check out all the other Jaroop Blog articles on internet marketing.

In summary, Connecticut based businesses need to be especially careful about where they “pay” for advertising placement because of their proximity to competitive metropolitan areas. Being specific about the geographic location and customer type will save you a great deal of time/money on your marketing and advertising. After that, create a great experience for customers and you will be wildly successful.

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