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How E-Commerce Wishlists Can Win Back Return Shoppers

When it comes to nurturing customer relationships, everyone knows the basics. You have customer accounts, remember login and payment information, send emails, and provide great customer service. However, there are also lesser-known methods that can super-charge those basic tactics to help you bring shoppers back. One such tactic is to make use of a simple wishlist feature.

Wishlists are like non-active carts. A helpful collection of products with attractive photos and handy links to the product page. They are where customers note items they’d like to buy later, but the time isn’t right. Also, when combined with automated marketing, they are one of your finest e-commerce tools to bring shoppers back.

Named Wishlists Turn Shopping Into Planning

The first trick is to provide more than one wishlist to allow customers to name their items for different purposes. One might be gift ideas for holidays and birthdays. Another might be a collection of things they’d like to have but would only buy for themselves as treats. Another might be putting together a shopping list for a trip or event in the future.

Each one is a personalized selling opportunity.

Let Customers Know When Items Are On Sale

Once your customers have built a wishlist or three, they have essentially said that they would buy these items if the price, opportunity, or timing was right. The easiest way to bring them back for a purchase is to send a welcoming email any time a wishlist item goes on sale. These are normal sales you hold and the item is already discounted for one reason or another.

The only difference is that you reaching out courteously to let customers know that now is the time to get the best possible deal on items they already want. If only all platforms could let us know when desired purchases were extra affordable! Many customers will come clamoring back to pick up a few choice items when informed that they are conveniently included in a store-wide sale. Plus a few extras while they’re already sale-shopping.

Use Items for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Suggestions

If you have an automated marketing engine that generates cross-selling suggestions, wishlists are the perfect fodder for suggestion material. Depending on the complexity of your cross-selling automation, you can suggest any item on a wishlist randomly, suggest wishlist items that are related to the most recently viewed or searched item, or even use the qualities of wishlist items to generate more accurately tempting suggestions for items store-wide.

Learn Customer Preferences From Wishlist Trends

AIs that guess customer buying trends are all the rage because they are so incredibly useful. We have come to a point where, with enough data, an AI can begin to predict the upcoming buyer patterns and what buyers will be clamoring for soon. Certain colors, certain themes, certain categories of items are all useful to have insights on popularity in buyer preference.

Most brands using a trending AI use purchase patterns. However, wishlists are equally useful for predicting what buyers want and what they are not buying. This opens the door both to buyer desire insights and to figuring out what causes a buyer to wishlist and wait instead of purchase outright and the best methods for transitioning a wishlist item to the checkout cart.

Use Wishlists to Provide Targeted Deals and Packages

Finally, don’t forget that if you really want to win the hearts and dollars of return customers, then offer then presents. Wishlists are an incredible resource for brands who want to personalize the deals and packages they offer. Send your customers a birthday present of discounts on their wishlist items. Alternatively, put together a special package made of wishlist items that, if purchased together, come at a great deal.

Learn More About E-Commerce Wishlists

Wishlist items show you exactly what customers want and what they would buy if the circumstances are right. Make the circumstances right by incorporating that wishlist (or those wishlists) into your targeted marketing efforts. Many customers would love a chance to get a collection of their favorite items discounted because they had the forethought to put together a wishlist. From buying themselves a discounted birthday treat to saving on presents for relatives, wishlist-targeted deals are a powerful tool in your e-commerce toolbox.