4 Ways That a Deep Dive Into Your Routine Tools Can Save You Time

4 Ways That a Deep Dive Into Your Routine Tools Can Save You Time

The tools you use in your daily routine shape your daily capabilities. From your dishwasher to your business software, we all use a combination of technological tools every day that define our lives and the way we do things. However, most people use these tools without a full understanding of the tools’ abilities or even why they chose one tool over another.

A deep dive into the tools of your daily routine can provide some surprising insights. Increase your speed, capabilities, and efficiency all in one in-depth exploration into your routine. Consider doing deep research into your tools or even taking a course on deeply understanding each tool you use in business and what you might be missing in terms of features and capabilities. Here are the top four things that you can discover about your routine tools and what you can do with that knowledge.

1) Discover Useful Options You Didn’t Know About

Most apps have more than one functionality. Slack’s bookmark feature, for example, is not well-known but is very handy for returning to your last-read place in a channel.

Take a closer look at the apps, software, and even the appliances you use every day. Explore their features. Press every button and investigate every menu option just to find out what they do. Read the user’s manual when you’re waiting in line for coffee.

At least one of your apps will have hidden talents that you could be putting to use. These tools that you use every day could be making you even more effective and saving you time every day.

2) Find Shortcuts for Everyday Routines

You can also find potential shortcuts for routines that can really speed you up during the day. You might discover hot buttons for your favorite programs so that navigation and selection are no longer necessary. Many professionals are building smart home routines with Alexa or Google that, with one command, are a verbal shortcut for potentially dozens of routine daily tasks.

Or you might start scheduling once-manual work with apps like HootSuite and Hubspot. Never underestimate the value of a good shortcut using tools that you already love and understand.

3) Integrate and Combine Your Routine Tools

Every day, more popular apps and software integrate with cooperative APIs. What this means is that the software works together with other software to share data, settings, and functionalities. For every piece of software and mobile app you use during your daily routine, look for options to combine those functions with other favorite tools.

Your bank app might blend with your personal budgeting app. Your scheduling app might blend with your personal fitness app. And these combinations can optimize you in ways you never imagined.

4) Determine Flaws in Your Tools and Improve

Finally, taking a deep dive into the tools of your daily routine can reveal flaws in your routine that were invisible before. Not every tool is optimal or being used optimally for the job. Improve your efficiency by cutting out inefficient parts of your routine.

Re-think how you use each tool. Update all your software and apps. Research alternatives and keep an eye out for routine bottle-necks that could be improved. You could boost your performance significantly just by removing unnecessary slow-downs.

No daily routine is perfect. By understanding your tools, you can optimize your entire routine through better use of those tools and a better selection of your total tech stack.

Learn How Routine Tools Can Save You Time

We’re dedicated to helping businesses and professionals become the best they can be, including making the best possible use of your tools. By deeply researching and understanding the tools you use in business, you can power-up every single daily routine. You could do so much more with the tools already at your command. To learn more about streamlining with the right software, please contact us.